Megacap growth stock led Wall Street’s gains, with Nasdaq up 2.7%. Investors responded positively to the US labor market which remained strong, as the Initial Jobless Claims data in mid-May fell to 200 thousand claims, the lowest level since 1969. Jobless claims fell due to high demand for labor, which support the US economy. Wall Street also strengthened ahead of the release of labor data on Friday (03/06) local time.

Fluctuations Ending in Flat. Profit-taking had brought the JCI down to 7,120, responding to the positive sentiment of low May inflation (Act. +0.40% MoM; Vs. Apr. 0.95% MoM). JCI then rebounded, before finally closing at 7,148 or the same level the day before, as GOTO’s stock rose 13.1% yesterday. GOTO strengthened as it will be included in the LQ45, IDX30, and IDX80 indexes starting June 8th. Yesterday’s JCI movement contrasted slightly with the LQ45 Index which weakened by 1.6%. NHKSI Research projects that the JCI will move downward today, within a range of 7,050-7,250.

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