Wall Street rallied earlier in the week amid a wait for inflation and FFR data release. The Dow appreciated by 500 points or led to the strengthening of Wall Street exchanges. Based on a Bloomberg survey, US CPI Headline in November is projected to decline to 0.3% MoM and 7.3% YoY; FFR is projected to rise only +50 Bps (vs. +75 Bps) to 4.25%- 4.50%; the data will be released on Tuesday and Wednesday local time. Moreover, sluggish inflation will likely end the FFR +75 Bps gains in the last four FOMC Meetings.

Primary Consumers led the sectoral gain, followed by the Transportation and Logistics Sector, which rose 1%, and the JCI appreciated by 19 points to a level of 6,734. The JCI’s movement at the beginning of the week is amid the lack of domestic and global sentiment. The release of US inflation data on Tuesday is projected to be flat, leaving investors watching the potential end of Aggressive Hawkish, which is a +75 Bps FFR rally four times in a row. Amid several sentiments, NHKSI Research projects JCI today to move bullish, continuing the technical rebound.

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