Market Recap
JCI advanced, backed by the banking and property sectors. JCI’s Top Gainers: Property (+1.5%), Infrastructure (+1.0%), Agriculture (+0.9%).

INNI index picked up, backed by WIKA advancing by 4.4%. WIKA rallied as its 3Q19 earnings, posting net profits to pick up 8.3% to IDR303.26 billion.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI picked up regardless of foreign outflows of IDR534 billion from its portfolios. JCI’s rally state was in contrast to most Asia markets, reigned by bearish mood as China released disappointing economic data. Back to retail stocks, LPPF dropped 3.34% due to the lower-than-estimate 3Q19 earnings, posting a 20.67% decline in profits to IDR1.19 trillion, lower than IDR1.5 trillion in 3Q18. A glance at commodities, CPO prices strengthening since 2H10 make up the industry’s promising outlook.

The rupiah exchange rate for USD was depreciated by 0.05% to 14,035.

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