Market Recap
JCI closed higher, backed by the financial and consumer goods sectors JCI’s Top Gainers: Misc. Ind. (+2.3%), Consumer (+1.9%), Basic Ind. (+1.6%).

INNI index closed higher, backed INCO (+6.6%). INCO posted 3Q19 solid earnings, posting net profits of USD160,000 in contrast to 1H19 net losses.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI received foreign inflows of IDR604 billion for the first time in a week, with the telecommunication and banking sectors posting the largest inflows of IDR235 billion and IDR194 billion, respectively. After the inauguration of Indonesia Maju’s ministries on Wednesday (10/23), most of SOEs stocks in construction and banking sectors rallied on Thursday trading session. A glance at commodities, crude oil future prices dropped because a slowdown in German’s economic data exaggerated jitters of declining demands for crude oil.

The rupiah exchange rate for USD, meanwhile, dropped 1.9% to 14,059.

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