Market Recap
JCI was rebound on Friday (10/11) backed by the banking and basic industry sector. JCI’s Top Losers: Basic Ind. (+2.8%), Misc. Industry (+2.4%), Infrastructure (+2.1%).

INNI Index, aligning with JCI, closed higher, backed by the construction stocks, i.e. WIKA and WSKT. The construction sector is still targeted by investors because July’s credit growth in the sector was at 25.4% y-y.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI recorded foreign outflows of IDR565 billion. Likewise JCI, more than half of Asia markets were at rally mode. The cigarette makers face another headwind of the Regulation of the Ministry of Health Number 40/2013 after the hike in the excise tax and retail selling prices. The regulation stated the changes in health warnings pictures from color images to cigarette packages with plain packages. But on Friday (11/10), GGRM still posted a 5.06% gain.

The rupiah’s exchange rate against USD nudged up 0.08% to 14,138.

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