Market Recap
JCI gave up gains as the consumer goods and infrastructure sectors were bearish. JCI’s Top Losers: Mining (-0.7%), Finance (-0.5%), Misc. Industry (-0.5%).

Unlike JCI, INNI index was solid as LPPF posted a 7.6% gain after the news of PT Matahari Department Store Spin-Off.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI was at tepid closed as it gave up foreign funds of IDR607 billion, with the largest outflows of IDR230 billion pulled out from the communication sector. The high cycle of outflows was attributable to the domestic and global backdrop embroiled in political unrest and tangled trade disputes. Students’ protest gripped on Indonesia and White House delisting Chinese companies from the New York Stock Exchange caused foreign investors to withdraw their money from JCI.

The rupiah exchange rate against USD was depreciated at 0.15% to 14,196.

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