Market Recap
JCI closed higher, backed by the miscellaneous industry. JCI’s Top Gainers: Infrastructure (+1.6%), Misc. Industry (+1.5%), Mining (+1.3%).

INNI edged up, backed by PWON, a property stock. PWON posted 3Q19 positive performance surpassing other property developers.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Foreign investors pulled out their funds of IDR508 from JCI as the banking sector—mainly large-cap. stocks hit hardest by the foreign outflows, i.e., BBCA posting outflows of IDR203 billion. The foreign outflows indicated foreign investors to retain wait-and-see stance as the US-China partial trade deals show no progress. Asia markets mostly rallied albeit minimum positive catalysts. A glance at commodities, prices of crude oil tumbled due to the low demand. Meanwhile, the rupiah exchange rate for USD was depreciated at 0.09% to 14,054.

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