Market Recap
JCI closed lower, subdued by the mining sector. JCI’s Top Losers: Mining (-3.6%), Infrastructure (-3.2%), Basic Ind (-1.3%).

Aligning with JCI, INNI index closed lower due to SMGR’s 5.1% decline. In 3Q19, SMGR posted a 32.28% y-y decline in net profits to IDR1.29 trillion.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Foreign investors pulled their money of IDR599 billion out from JCI on Thursday, Oct. 31. Asia markets, in contrast to JCI, closed higher after the Fed decided to cut FFR. Aside from JCI, Hong Kong protest against the anti-extradition law bill contracted the country’s economic growth by 3.2% q-q. Another to the protest, INDF strengthened 1.32% after posting sales growth and profits.

The rupiah exchange rate for USD nudged up 0.16% to 14,008.

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