Market Recap
JCI, on Wednesday (05/29) closed higher as the banking sector rallied. JCI’s Top Gainers: Infrastructure (+2.2%), Misc. Industry (+1.6%), Consumer (+1.5%).

INNI Index was rebounding at 1.19% as construction stocks rallied, i.e. PWON (+2.9%) and WIKA (+2.7%). Meanwhile, the property industry is likely to buoy due to the high demand for middle-to-low houses.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI on Wednesday (05/29) recorded foreign inflow of IDR331 billion with the banking sector received the biggest inflow of IDR308 billion. Foreign investors are confidence enough to invest their money in the banking sector as Indonesia’s political and economic circumstances are conducive.

Furthermore, JCI closed higher due to foreign inflows, while domestic investors invested their funds of IDR73 billion in the retail industry and IDR3.2 billion in the agricultural sector.

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