Market Recap
After JCI tanked more than 5%, IDX authorities declared Thursday’s trading halt of March 13, 2020. JCI’s Top Losers: Basic Ind. (-8.4%), Agri. (-5.7%), Mining (- 5.6%).

All of INNI index stocks retreated as stocks of the construction sector gave up the largest gains.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI, on Thursday’s trading session of March 12, still enjoyed foreign funds of IDR256 billion as large-cap. stocks of the banking sector contributed most to Thursday’s foreign inflows. On the other side, JCI tanked more than 5% so that IDX authorities held Thursday’s trading halt. Alike JCI, some Asia bourses (i.e., KOSPI (-7%), PSEi (-10%) and SET (-10%)) tanked and were subject to the trading halt. IDX’s stance of trading halt made investors review their fundamental investments. Meanwhile, the rupiah exchange rate for USD was depreciated by 1.03% to 14,522.

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