Market Recap
JCI retreated as stocks of property were bearish. JCI’s Top Losers: Finance (-3.5%), Infrastructure (-3.1%), Agriculture (-2.8%).

INNI Index’s all across sectoral stocks, excluding consumers stocks, were in the red.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Although JCI retreated, it gained foreign funds of IDR177 billion as the largest proportion worth of IDR115 contributed by stocks of the banking sector. Turning to commodities, prices of CPO rallied along with a smooth resolution of the dispute between Malaysia and India, decreasing stockpiles of Malaysian CPO in Feb., higher demands for CPO ahead of Ramadhan. Albeit those CPO-price bolstering catalysts, some CPO producers were unmoved from the red as they retreated on Wednesday’s trading session of March 11, 2020.

Meanwhile, the rupiah exchange rate for USD was appreciated by 0.15% to 14,374.

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