Market Recap
JCI tanked more than 5% as stocks of the banking sector recorded plunged at the deepest. JCI’s Top Losers: Agri. (-7.9%), Finance (-3.0%), Infra (-2.5%).

INNI index’s stocks portfolios retreated as stocks of the construction sector weighed down INNI’s moves.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI, alike Asia’s bourses, tanked on Monday’s trading session of March 09, 2020. Although JCI was in the red, it recorded foreign inflows of IDR217 billion. That inflows were attributed to INTP which secured foreign funds of IDR848 billion albeit its 8.7% drop. Of note, INTP’s Jan. 2020 sales, on an annual basis, dropped ~10% from Jan. 19 sales into 1.33 million tons of cement. Turning to commodities, prices of global crude oil were at the lowest level since Feb. 2016 as OPEC’s efforts proved futile to hamper further declines in oil prices.

Meanwhile, the rupiah exchange rate for USD was depreciated by 1.05% t0 14,393.

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