Market Recap
On Friday of March 06, JCI slumped more than 2%. JCI’s Top Losers: Trade (-4.9%), Finance (-3.0%), Infra (-2.5%).

INNI Index, alike JCI, dipped as its pharmaceutical stocks showed a sharp plunge.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI recorded foreign inflows of IDR1.3 trillion, with stocks of the banking sector gave up the largest foreign funds on Friday’s trading session of March, 06. Furthermore, Asia’s markets aligning with JCI also tanked as COVID-19 spreads its lethal infection in the US, Italy, South Korea, and Indonesia and leaves the bleaker global economy. Last week, CPO rallied as increasing demands for its derivatives mount ahead of Ramadhan; indeed, the Malaysian government’s concerted endeavor to better improve the bilateral relation with India drove CPO up. Additionally, the rupiah exchange rate for USD is appreciated by 0.48% to 14,243.

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