Market Recap
JCI retreated and reigned in the red zone due to bearish retail stocks. JCI’s Top Losers: Trade (-1.1%), Mining (-0.7%), Property (-2.3%).

INNI Index, as did JCI, was lethargic to pace in the green zone as stocks of construction, namely WSKT and WIKA hampered its paces.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI secured foreign inflows of IDR138 billion as ICBP recorded inflows of IDR34 billion because of panic buying following the government’s announcement of two cases of COVID-19. In the early week, TLKM ruled the foreign-investor top buy on Thursday’s trading session of March 05 and secured foreign inflows of IDR48 billion. To date, it still banks on Telkomsel’s business and consistently boosts Indihome business.

Additionally, the rupiah exchange rate for USD was depreciated by 0.44% to 14,175.

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