Market Recap
JCI nudged down as the financial and infrastructure sectors moderated its pace. Indeed, 3-consecutive-day foreign outflows also weighed down its movement. Top Losers: Infrastructure (-0.79%), Finance (-0.60%), Misc. Industry (-0.52%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Yesterday’s foreign outflows were at IDR545 billion, with the banking sector as the first’s biggest net sell target of IDR214 billion. The automotive sector recorded the second’s biggest net sell of IDR112 billion. The massive foreign outflows revised JCI slightly downwards at 0.18%. Foreign investors are pessimistic about Indonesia’s current account deficits regardless of the government’s hard efforts to boost exports.

Domestic outflows of IDR13billion flocked on the consumer sector, as INDF’s stocks secured the domestic net sell of IDR11 billion. Yet, INDF’s agribusiness division posted the loss of IDR222 billion in 2018 due to the downbeat prices of commodities.

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