Market Recap
JCI was bearish as stocks of the banking sector underperformed. JCI’s Top Losers: Finance (-3.0%), Mining (-1.5%), Infrastructure (-1.5%).

INNI index retreated in the early week’s trading session as stocks of the banking sector, BBRI and BBCA, were weak.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI closed Friday’s trading session of Feb. 28 in the red as its paces were weakened by foreign outflows and still retreated in Monday’s trading session of March 02. Foreign investors were discouraged over Indonesia’s economic outlook as they pulled out their funds from large-cap. stocks of the banking sector. JCI was rebound in the first session of Monday’s trading, but upon Jokowi’s speech on Indonesia’s first cases of COVID-19, JCI retreated.

The rupiah’s exchange rate for USD was appreciated by 0.37% to 14,256.

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