Market Recap
Yesterday, JCI recorded tepid trading sessions, constrained by the consumption goods and banking industry. JCI’s Top Losers: Agriculture (-1.2%), Misc. Industry (+1.0%), Basic Industry (-0.6%).

INNI Index slowed 0.44% as the mining sectors moved at sluggish pace, i.e. PTBA (-2.3%). The tumbling prices of ICE Newscastle coal for August 2019 contract was the culprit.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI secured IDR399 billion worth of foreign capital as the banking and telecommunication sectors received respective capital of IDR349 billion and IDR67 billion. From the global highlights, the U.S. postponed levies of USD300 billion on Chinese goods paves a way for mutual tread deals between the two economies. CPO prices are still struggling.

From domestic highlights, the mining and basic industries received domestic capital of IDR127 billion and IDR13 billion, respectively.

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