Market Recap
JCI finished its trading day at a tepid close, constrained by the banking and infrastructure sectors. JCI’s Top Losers: Basic Industry (-1.0%), Misc. Industry (-0.8%), Infrastructure (-0.7%).

INNI dropped 0.76%, similar to JCI’s modest performance, as declines in the retail stocks, i.e., (-3.7%) and MAPI (-3.1%) set its pace back.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Yesterday, JCI recorded the foreign outflows of IDR101 billion with the automotive sector posting the biggest outflows of IDR76 billion. From the global highlights, global crude supplies are disrupted as to the flare-up of tensions between the U.S. and Iran and one-fifth of oil supplies, passing the Strait of Hormuz—the world’s major strategic lane of oil shipment—located near to Iran. The flare-up spikes oil prices are higher and possibly widens Indonesia’s trade balance.

From domestic highlights, the banking subsector and the retail subsector recorded outflows of IDR104 billion and IDR14 billion, respectively.

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