Market Recap
JCI was at a tepid close, ebbed away by the consumer and miscellaneous industry. JCI’s Top Losers: Misc. Industry (-1.7%), Consumer (-0.9%), Trade (-0.6%).

INNI Index ebbed 0.50% aligning with JCI. The sluggish performance was attributable to the infrastructure modest performance, i.e. JSMR (-3.3%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
On Friday (06/21), JCI recorded foreign inflows of IDR366 billion with the banking sectors received the biggest inflows of IDR395 billion. BI’s lucid monetary stance and conducive global backdrop heighten the allure of domestic stock markets. From global highlights, Russia and OPEC are scheduled to hold a meeting at July 2th, 2019. The meeting will discuss the output curbs. That is a positive catalyst for prices of global crude.

Domestic investors posted inflows of IDR117 in the infrastructure sector and IDR83 billion in the miscellaneous industry.

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