Market Recap
JCI was at a slightly higher close yesterday, backed by the consumer and banking sectors . JCI’s Top Gainers: Mining (+0.6%), Infrastructure (+0.5%), Consumer

INNI Index raised by 1.94%, underpinned by the oil and gas stocks, i.e. INCO (+4.6%). Crude prices picked up as Russia decided to curb its crude production, supporting OPEC supply reductions.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Yesterday’s foreign inflow was worth of IDR241 billion as the banking recorded the biggest inflow of IDR312 billion. Chinese exports slightly edged down at 1.1% y-y in May despite the bruising trade war between the two economic powerhouses. May’s slight decrease was better than April’s 2.7% y-y.

Domestic inflow in the infrastructure and mining sectors were respectively worth of IDR104 billion and IDR25 billion.

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