Market Recap
JCI closed higher on Friday (05/31), backed by the banking sector. JCI’s Top Gainers: Misc. Industry(+2.6%), Finance (+2.0%), Consumer (+1.9%).

INNI Index picked up 1.75%, aligning with JCI’s performance. The large-cap. banking stocks outperformed, corresponding to S&P upgraded rating. BBRI listed among INNI Index buoyed at 4.06%.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
On Friday (05/31), JCI recorded IDR1.4 trillion worth of foreign inflow: impacts of S&P upgraded rating. The banking and telecommunication sectors booked respectively IDR590 billion and IDR139 billion worth of foreign inflow. European Central Bank (ECB) dovish stance on the postponement of Brexit is likely to appreciate rupiah.

Meanwhile, domestic investors posted IDR2 billion worth of net buy on the agriculture stocks. USDIDR edged up 0.98%

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