Market Recap
JCI dipped on Friday (07/12), held back by the consumer sector. JCI’s Top Losers: Infrastructure (-1.6%), Consumer (-1.6%), Mining (-1.3%).

INNI, as did JCI, dipped 0.57% as KLBF’s 3.7% declines put strains on its movements. Investors gave less positive responses to KLBF’s cooperation with Chinese and South Korea companies; thus, it posted net sell of IDR278 billion last week.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI attracted IDR355 billion worth of foreign inflows. From the global highlights, West Texas Intermediate and Brent futures were at weekly increases as Tropical Storm Barry curbed output produced by oil companies in the US Gulf of Mexico. From the domestic highlights, USDIDR was appreciated after a few last days depreciation due to the Fed’s hints of a more accommodative stance.

Meanwhile, domestic funds worth of IDR83 billion and IDR18 billion flowed into the mining and consumer sectors.

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