Market Recap
JCI was at a tepid close, suppressed by the mining sector. JCI’s Top Losers: Mining (-3.4%), Agriculture (-1.1%), Infrastructure (-0.5%).

INNI Index edged down 0.04% as miners were sluggish, INCO (-4.9%) and ADRO (-4.2%). Miners are anxious about the uncertain regulation of coal and mineral mining sites.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Yesterday, foreign funds of IDR506 billion fled from JCI with the mining sector suffering from the largest outflows of IDR175 billion, and IDR127 billion running out from the property sector. The significant declines in global commodities prices throttled JCI; prices of nickel, tin, and copper respectively dropped 0.26%, 6.35%, and 1.13%. Markets are anxious about the US tit-for-tat trade with UE.

Rupiah succeeded to slightly strengthen as the US bond yields dropped to 1.96%.

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