Indonesia Market Recap

JCI was rebound, backed by the consumer and basic industry sectors. JCI’s Top Gainers: Consumer (+1.3%), Basic Ind. (+.8%), Misc. Ind (-2.5%).

INNI index advanced, backed by mining sectors, i.e., TINS and INCO.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement

JCI posted foreign inflows of IDR72 billion as investors’ jitters of political turmoil in the Middle East eased. The banking sector gained the largest foreign transactions of IDR161 billion after the banking large-cap. stocks rallied. Aside from banking stocks, PGAS led Tuesday’s trading session of Jan 07 as one of top-buy stocks, for it secured foreign gains of IDR31 billion. Although securing capital gain, PGAS still posted a 1.13% decline as President Joko Widodo urged a decline in prices of gas supplied for industries. Feb’s Comex Gold price lost its momentum as investors’ fears of the global state eased.

The rupiah exchange rate for USD was appreciated at 0.47% to 13,878.

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