Indonesia Market Recap

JCI was rebound, backed by Trumps’ good gestures of the US-Iran amicable conflict resolution. JCI’s Top Gainers: Agri. (+3.7%), Misc. Ind. (+1.5%), Basic Ind. (+1.2%).

INNI index rallied backed by WIKA (+2.9%) to list its subsidiary (e.g. WIKA Realty and WIKA Industri & Konstruksi) on IDX in 2020.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement

JCI secured foreign funds of IDR887 billion as PT Nusantara Properti International Tbk (NATO) booked IDR985.87 billion worth of crossing transactions. Furthermore, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resouces (ESDM) to set coal production quotas and increase DMO allocation have varied impacts on coal miners’ stocks (e.g. stagnant PTBA, declining ADRO (0.6%), and increasing ITMG (0.85%)). The Asian stock market, likewise JCI, continued to rally. The rupiah exchange rate for USD nudged up 0.013% to 13,854.

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