Market Recap
Ahead of the U.S. and China meeting, JCI was reining in a bearish state, aligning with the regional bourses. The decline was also attributable to the profit taking. Top Losers: Property (-1.72%), Infrastructure (-1.41%), Misc. Industry (-0.73%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Yesterday, foreign investors posted the net sell of IDR662 billion. The banking sector exposed to the biggest net sell of IDR543 billion, followed by the net sell of IDR100 billion posted by the telecommunication sector. Thus, JCI was slightly corrected by 0.37% to 6,458.

Furthermore, domestic investors posted the net sell of virtually IDR81 billion on the food and beverages stocks. In addition, domestic investors kept posting the net sell of IDR68 billion on ICBP stocks.

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