Market Recap
JCI, as did the regional bourses, closed higher on Friday, 01/25/19, thanks to the rupiah appreciation and a few of positive regional economic data. Top Gainers: Agriculture (+1.80%), Property (+1.13%), Basic Industry (+0.39%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
On Friday, 01/25/19, foreign investors posted the slight net sell of IDR177 billion with the banking sector exposed to the biggest net sell of IDR171 billion. We oversee the backdrop was underlined by foreign investors’ wary eyes on IMF’s lower corrections on the 2019 economic outlook.

Meanwhile, domestic investors posted the net sell of IDR66 billion on consumer sectors with ICBP’s stocks left bruised by the net sell of IDR46 billion by domestic investors—posting profit-taking after the hike of 7% in ICBP’s stocks within 5 days.

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