Indonesia Market Recap

JCI dipped on Friday of Jan. 24, held back by the banking sector. JCI’s Top Losers: Agriculture (-1.1%), Misc. Ind. (-1.1%), Consumer (-0.7%).

INNI index’s sectors virtually dropped, including KLBF, a consumer stock, gave up gains of 2.2%. In 2020, KLBF is optimistic to post a 5% growth in net profits, backed by rupiah appreciation.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement

JCI received foreign inflows IDR125 billion with the telecommunication sector to post the largest inflows of IDR67 billion. Another to the telecommunication sector, BMRI also posted foreign inflows of IDR265 billion and net profit growth of 9.9% to IDR27.5 trillion following its FY19 robust earnings. In the commodity sector, prices of WIT slumped as jitters of coronavirus were a drag for global demand for energy.

Meanwhile, the rupiah exchange rate for USD rallied 0.41% to 13,583.

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