Market Recap
JCI ended Monday’s trading with declines as the mining and banking impeded its moves. JCI’s Top Losers: Mining (-1.7%), Agri (-1.4%), Property (-0.9%).

INNI’s index sectors virtually dipped, excluding nudging-up banking and consumer stocks.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI dipped on Monday as foreign investors withdrew IDR668 billion worth of funds from JCI’s sectors, with the banking sector made up IDR193 billion worth of foreign outflows. Despite the massive foreign outflows from the banking stocks, BBRI won the largest foreign inflows of IDR259 billion. Of note, BBRI with the capitalization of IDR847.51 trillion is a bank with the third-largest market cap. in Southeast Asia and the second-largest market cap. in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the rupiah exchange rate for USD nudged up 0.04% to 13,639. Indonesia’s solid macroeconomic data and easing global economic tensions rose investors’ confidence in the rupiah as the most robust currency in Asia.

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