Market Recap
JCI was in the red still, weakened by the large-cap. stocks. JCI’s Top Losers: Finance (-3.9%), Basic Ind. (-2.6%), Mining (-2.4%). In contrast to most of INNI index’ bearish stocks, JSMR– stocks of infrastructure—rallied.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Foreign investors still pulled out their funds of IDR1.0 trillion on Thursday’s trading session of Feb. 27. Miners were vulnerable to foreign outflows of IDR888 billion, and that trapped JCI in the red and declined by more than 2%. Besides, stocks of automotive, electronic, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic sectors hit hardest by coronavirus outbreak. In contrast to those sectors, MDKA, stocks of a gold miner, enjoyed the glossy prices of yellow metal and strengthened by 3.82% after posting transactions of IDR36 billion. The volatile global state underlined binge on gold. Meanwhile, the rupiah exchange rate for USD was depreciated by 0.61% to 14,025.

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