Market Recap
JCI moved modestly on Friday, suppressed by the profit taking. Global investors are also awaiting the outcome of trade talks between the U.S. and China. Top Losers: Basic Industry (-1.66%), Property (-0.86%), Agriculture (-0.74%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Foreign investors flooded into the net sell of IDR115 billion of Friday, 02/22/2019, with the banking sector and the poultry sector as their targets, so downwards correction of 0.56% on JCI was unavoidable. A few of the Asian markets, e.g. Malaysia and India were exposed to slight corrections. We oversee foreign investors are still optimistic about Indonesia’s stock markets, despite BI’s unchanged 7DRR at 6.0%. The optimistic was shown by the last week’s net buy of IDR142 billion on the banking sector.

Domestic investors posted the net sell on the trading & service sector. UNTR’s stocks nudged up 5.6% on last Friday; thus, investors made the best use of this moment to post the net sell of IDR187 billion. UNTR’s stocks soared, following the Chinese authorities’ ban on Australian import coal.

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