Market Recap
On Friday of Feb.21, JCI slipped, dragged down by the basic industry and banking sectors. JCI’s Top Losers: Basic Ind. (-2.5%), Agriculture (-1.4%), Consumer (-1.3%).

INNI index diminished as WSKT, a stock of the construction sector, ebbed. WSKT reported 2019’s total declines of 23% compared with 2018.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI recorded two-day foreign outflows on Friday’s trading session of Feb. 21. On the other side, banks categorized into BUKU IV remained conservative to support credit expansion in sectors hardly hit by coronavirus outbreaks (i.e., manufacture, pharmaceutical, and tourism). The conservative stance reduces the possibility of higher banking NPL. Investors retained profit-taking stance over MDKA to rally for 5 days in a row along with gold’s prices leading momentum.

The rupiah exchange rate for USD, meanwhile, wax slightly depreciated by 0.07% to 13,760.

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