Market Recap
The regional bourses inched higher, so did JCI thanks to the positive outcome of the trade talks and the net buy of the large cap. stocks, banking in particular. Top Gainers: Misc. Industry (+2.93%), Infrastructure (+2.46%), Consumer (+2.07%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Despite JCI’s rally of 1.7%, foreign net sell nudged up at the slight amount of IDR147 billion. Foreign investors rattled the possible slowdown in coal exported to China due to its mounting stockpile. That caused foreign net sell of IDR93 billion for the coal sector. In sharp contrast to the coal sector, the banking sector securing the foreign net buy of IDR80 billion robustly supported JCI.

Meanwhile, domestic investors were in favor of the poultry sector as they spend IDR54 billion on the net buy. They digested the slump of 7.4% in JPFA’s stocks as buy on weakness at the time CPIN –another poultry stock– inclined higher by 1.67%.

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