Market Recap
JCI dipped, subdued by the consumer sector. JCI’s Top Losers: Consumer (-2.4%), Misc. Ind. (-1.8%), Trade (-1.0%). INNI Index edged down, held back by consumers stocks (i.e., ICBP and KLBF).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI recorded foreign inflows of IDR477 billion and such stocks of the consumer goods sector as (-6.32%) dan INDF (-8.79%) to drop, fueled by the due diligence on stocks of Pinehill Group whose purchasing valuation is well above the reasonable valuation. Conversely, stocks in the banking sector i.e., BMRI (+0.32%) to rally. The rally was attributable to its overseas branches to successfully lower NPL from 1.42% in 2015 to 0.12% in 2019. A glance at commodities, gold Comex Apr’20 dipped 4.2 points or a 0.27% decline to USD1,565.90 per troy ounce after the Fed affirmed to hold its benchmark rate unchanged in 2020.

The rupiah exchange rate against USD nudged up 0.01% to IDR13,674 per USD.

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