Market Recap
JCI was in the green, backed by the banking sector. JCI’s Top Gainers: Agri. (+1.9%), Misc. Ind. (+1.3%), Property (+1.2%). INNI index rallied further, backed by construction stocks: WSKT and WIKA.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Standard & Poor’s estimate of coronavirus wreaking havoc on China’s economy to tumble by ~12% failed to hampered JCI’s moves as did Asia markets that had been in the green zone. China has developed Remdesivir as the antidote for coronavirus, and investors positively responded to China’s swift efforts to avert the pandemic so that JCI on Thursday’s trading session of Feb 06, 2020 was in the green as it secured foreign capital of IDR294 billion.

The rupiah exchange rate for USD, meanwhile, was appreciated by 0.41% to 13,635.

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