Market Recap
JCI moved modestly on Monday, 02/04/19, amid the sluggish rupiah’s exchange rate and the sluggish trading session ahead of Chinese New Year. Top Losers: Misc. Industry (-2.09%), Consumer (-1.47%), Finance (-1.26%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
It was surprising that on Monday, 02/04/19, foreign investors posted the net sell of IDR518 billion of which IDR420 billion was posted by the banking sector. Although the net sell was lower than the year-to-date foreign net buy of IDR13 trillion, Monday’s net sell caused JCI to dip 0.88%. That was attributable to JCI’s lower blue-chip liquidity on Chinese’s New Year.

Meanwhile, domestic investors posted the net sell of IDR24 billion on the heavy machinery sector such as UNTR. That was underlined by the Indonesia Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Association (Hinabi) prediction of a decline in the 2019 production target of only 7,000 units, lower than the 2018 production of 8,000 units.

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