Market Recap
Despite its early rally along with the stable USDIDR, JCI closed flat on Friday, 02/01/19. The lower-than-estimate inflation dragged JCI lower. Top Gainers: Trade (+0.95%), Finance (+0.72%), Basic Industry (+0.27%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
On Friday, 02/01/19, JCI nudged up at 0,09% as foreign investors posted the net buy of IDR683 billion in the domestic market. Foreign investors still favored the banking sector. Three large cap. banks (BBRI, BMRI, and BBCA) succeeded to secure the net foreign buy of IDR617 billion, deriving from the fund manager inflows to emerging markets after the Fed’s more accommodative stance.

Meanwhile, domestic investors posted the net buy of IDR47 billion on the telecommunication stocks as they were sanguine about TOWR’s plans to expand its towers and optic fiber wires.

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