Market Recap
JCI rallied as the consumer goods and basic industries were bullish. JCI’s Top Gainers: Basic Ind(+1.2%), Consumer (+1.1%), Mining (+0.5%).

INNI index closed higher, underpinned by one of its top gainers: ANTM (+2.9%). ANTM is lustrous as the currently dismal global state heightens the allure of gold as s safe haven.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
On Wednesday (08/28), JCI posted foreign outflows of IDR343 billion; it was the thirteenth day of foreign outflows in a row. The foreign outflows were followed by domestic outflows of IDR62 billion from the consumer sector and IDR25 billion from the property sector.

Markets warily eye on Trump’s tariffs of USD300 billion on Chinese goods or a 15% increase. The tariff will take into effect on Sept.1. The trade dispute between South Korea and Japan grows bitter as Japan dropped South Korea from white list of favored trade partners.

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