Market Recap
JCI was rebounding, underpinned by the banking sector. JCI’s Top Gainers: Consumer (+0.9%), Finance (+0.9%), Infrastructure (+0.9%).

INNI index rallied, backed by healthcare stocks, i.e. SILO (+6.4%) and MIKA (+4.25). The budget allocation for BPJS increasing by 82% to IDR48.8 trillion in 2H19 drove those stocks up.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
The pace of foreign outflows from JCI’s portfolios slightly declined to IDR171 billion as markets’ optimism about peace trade proved a positive catalyst for JCI. Telecommunication stocks posting the largest outflows of IDR70 billion, while BBRI posted the largest inflows of IDR180 billion on Tuesday’s trading. The rupiah was appreciated against the US dollar at 14,255.

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