Market Recap
JCI was at a tepid close, held back by the construction and consumer goods sectors. JCI’s Top Losers: Property (-1.6%), Mining (-1.0%), Trade (-0.5%).

INNI index dropped, as did JCI, because of declines in retailers stocks, i.e. LPPF (-3.8%) and MIKA (-3.2%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI continued to post foreign outflows of IDR334 billion on Thursday’s trading (08/22). Asia markets’ moves were constrained after the minutes of FOMC signaled that July’s rate cut was a policy recalibration amid the murky economy or a mid-cycle adjustment. The rate cut is not the start of a series of deeper rat cuts. A glance at commodities outlook, yellow metal’s prices slightly dipped along with the better broader backdrop.

Domestic investors pulled out their money worth of IDR44 billion from the consumer sector and IDR21 billion from the property sector.

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