Market Recap
JCI ended Friday’s trading at a bearish close, held back by the consumer portfolios. JCI’s Top Gainers: Consumer (+2.3%), Property (+1.8%), Mining (+0.4%).

INNI index, backed KAEF’s 11.3% gain, was rebound. KAEF plans to hold the right issue to increase its CapEx and expand its businesses. The right issue will be held in September 2020.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
The pace of foreign outflows from Friday’s trading was still at a cycle high of IDR722 billion. Most of Asia markets were rebound after China announced to boost the 2019 disposable income to hike consumption and accelerate economic growth.

In reverse state to the high cycle of foreign outflows was the domestic inflows of IDR404 billion and IDR128 billion, respectively from the banking and retail sectors.

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