Market Recap
JCI dipped, resuming its 9 Augusts’ decline. The banking’s bearish performance underlined JCI’s Monday downturn. JCI’s Top Losers: Mining (-1.2%), Finance (-0.9%), Trade (-0.9%).

INNI index dived 0.71% as construction stocks—WIKA (-4.8%) and PTPP (-2.7%)—slipped back.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI was bearish as foreign investors flee their capital worth of IDR132 billion from JCI’s portfolios. The early September trade talk between the US and China subject to cancellation rattle market from any buy act. Adding the unlikely mutual trade is the intensified clash between the world’ two economic powerhouses weakened rupiah’s exchange rate for the US dollar at 14,245. Most of Asia markets–excluding IDX–posted were bullish as yuan’s exchange rate is stable. Adding to the foreign outflows were domestic capital outflows of IDR100 billion and IDR39 billion respectively from the banking and infrastructure sectors.

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