Market Recap
JCI was rebounding after a 4-day losing streak thanks to the banking stocks. JCI’s Top Gainers: Finance (+1.9%), Infrastructure (+1.9%), Consumer (+1.5%).

INNI index closed Wednesday’s trading at a 2.23% gain—much better than JCI’s performance—thanks to ANTM’s 6.9% surge. ANTM’s yellow metal enjoyed the rising of its prices up to IDR7,000 per gram: a boost for its big moves.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
IHSG still recorded foreign capital outflows of IDR216, but July’s forex reserve reading was a boost for rupiah’s appreciation at 0.32% against US dollar and JCI’s moves. ICBP and GGRM posting foreign inflows on Wednesday’s trading were also payback for fleeing funds thanks to the optimism on 6-ahead month strong wages outlook—a robust footing for July’s Economic Expectancy Index.

Additionally, the infrastructure and consumer sectors posted domestic outflows of IDR51 billion and IDR43 billion, respectively.

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