Market Recap
JCI finished Monday’s trading lower as the banking stocks pared down. JCI’s Top Losers: Finance (-2.9%), Basic Ind. (-2.7%), Consumer(-2.4%).

INNI index pared down 2.9%; that was below JCI’s slump. Declines in mining stocks–ADRO (-4.7%) and ANTM (-4.4%)–were setbacks for INNI’s movements.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI closed Monday’s trading with a record of IDR1.1 trillion worth of foreign outflows. Its banking sector, BUKU IV banks, in particular, posted IDR751 billion worth of foreign capital fleeing from its portfolios. The intensified trade wars rattled markets, and it made People’s Bank of China (PBoC) retain yuan’s exchange rate for USD at 6,925. The yuan depreciation advantages Chinese export trade. The Indonesia rupiah’s exchange rate for USD is also depreciated 0.49% to 14,255––3-day losing streak.

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