Market Recap
JCI dropped, impeded by the banking and property stocks. JCI’s Top Losers: Property (-1.3%), Trade (-0.9%), Mining (-0.7%).

INNI index closed Thursday’s trading at a 0.21% gain due to increases in consumer goods stocks, i.e. UNVR (4.5%) and INDF (2.1%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI–after posting 11-day losing streak– bounced slightly, held up by foreign money of IDR43 billion. The early finished a round of trade talks than its schedule signaled that the two economic powerhouses found no deal. That rattled most of Asia markets. A throwback to Powell’s statement of the Fed’s rate cut was a “midcycle adjustment” implied a further looser monetary policies should not be appropriate for the remaining 2019.

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