Market Recap
JCI closed higher as its consumer portfolio advanced. JCI’s Top Gainers: Basic Ind. (+1.5%), Consumer (+1.4%), Agriculture (+0.6%).

INNI index made a 0.07% gain on the back of sound retail stocks, i.e. MAPI (+2.7%) and RALS (2.3%). MAPI cheered net revenues of 10% y-y led the rally in INNI index.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI still saw IDR46 billion to leave its portfolios. On Wednesday’s trading session, ASII posting a flood of foreign outflows of roughly IDR243 billion after the release of its IH19 financial statement disclosed a 5.59% decline in profits. Wednesday’s lesser foreign outflows, followed by domestic funds of IDR282 billion and IDR82 billion respectively running out from the consumer and property portfolios.

From global highlights, most of Asia markets were bearish as the optimism about the progress of trade deal between the US and China dampened.

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