Indonesia Market Recap

JCI was at higher close amid the reading of the US and Chinese PMI. Top Gainers : Agriculture (+2.2%), Misc. Industry (2.1%), Consumer (+0.5%).

In contrast to JCI’s last-Tuesday performance, INNI Index dropped at 0.22% as KRAS, KAEF, INCO made sharp declines of 4.3%, 3.7%, 2,8%, respectively.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement

Last Tuesday’s foreign inflows were at IDR226 billion. The basic industry–the cement sector—was in the spotlight as it cheered the net buy of IDR133 billion. Like the buoyant cement sector, the banking sector boasted inflows of IDR108 billion, as BBRI achieved 2018’s positive earnings.

Meanwhile, the domestic net buy on the consumer sector–HMSP in particular— bolstered JCI at Tuesday’s higher close.

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