Market Recap
JCI rallied on Friday, 04/26/2019, as the infrastructure and banking sectors were rebounding. Top Gainers JCI: Infrastructure (+1.6%), Misc. Industry (+1.1%), Finance (+0.5%).

INNI Index nudged up, backed by such consumer and retail stocks as LPPF, GGRM, and KLBF. We pencil in Ramadan month will be a momentum for the consumer sector to reap profits

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
On Friday, 04/26/2019, foreign investors posted net sell of IDR896 billion as the biggest outflows of IDR480 billion were from the banking sector. Meanwhile, the cigarette sector also recorded a net sell of IDR115 billion. Now, foreign investors are awaiting the U.S. 1Q19 economic growth data.

Aligning with foreign net sells in cigarettes and banking sectors, the retail and agricultural sectors also posted net sell of IDR26 billion and IDR1.3 billion, respectively.

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