Highest Sales Record in 1Q18
ANTM posted the fantastic sales reaching IDR5.7 trillion or soaring by 247.2% compared to the 1Q17 sales of IDR1.6 trillion. Since the 4Q17, it consistently booked the sales higher than IDR5 trillion. The upswing in sales was coupled with the high snap in the bottom line to IDR246 billion Vs. the 1Q17 bottom line of IDR7 billion.

New Trend of Gold Sales Volume
The gold is the major contributor to ANTM’s overall sales. In the 1Q18, the gold paved its way for the lustrous buoyance in terms of sales volume and average selling price (ASP). The gold sales volume in 1Q18 reached 6,946 kg escalating by 226% y-y and the highest sales volume since 2012.

The 1Q18 upbeat gold sales volume aligned with the sales topping 6,000 tons in prior quarter. We oversee the sales achievement as the new trend of gold sales. In line with the upbeat sales volume, the 1Q18’s gold revenue also soared by 254% y-y into IDR4.1 trillion Vs. the 1Q17 gold revenue of IDR1.2 trillion.

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