Lustrous Gold Boosting Sale

In 3Q17, ANTM succeeded to post the profit amounting to IDR165 billion (+504,4% y-y) after suffering the loss amounting to IDR503 billion in the prior quarter. The 3Q17’s profit was buttressed by the topping sales of 73.1% y-y into IDR3.9 trillion.
The gold division posted the surge of 34.7% y-y in sales into IDR2 trillion, the highest sales within the last two years. The jump in sales volume from 2,676 kg in 3Q16 into 3,668 kg in 3Q17 was the potent driver for sales.

Soaring Demand for Ferronickel

Similar to the gold division, the ferronickel division also posted a significant hike in 3Q17. The ferronickel sales volume picked up by 25.5% y-y into 5,025 Tni compared to the sales volume of 4,003 Tni in 3Q16. The upbeat sales volume was accompanied by the high demand for nickel by China, the world biggest nickel consumer.


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